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Fighter and Survivor Pens Memoir about Finding Answers in the Struggles

Author and entrepreneur Tasha Y. Berry is proud to announce her newest project, a memoir of her life entitled Finding My Why: Forgiveness But No Apology. Finding My Why is a true survivor story written from very personal life trials and successes to inspire readers.

Berry’s first memories are of painful hospital visits to treat a skin condition that left her back marked forever. Enduring more than a decade of surgeries and treatments, Berry didn’t know it at the time, but she was building the strength and character that she would need to go on to do great things with her life and in the lives of others. For most, these struggles would have defined them. Not Berry. She took the struggles and turned them into her passions and purpose.

With raw transparency and grit, Finding My Why chronicles Berry’s rise from medical struggles and trials at home to finding her place in the world. From a reputable job with the federal government to starting her own business from the ground up, Berry defied all odds—she began to thrive and with each passing trial she grew stronger and more confident. Today Berry is the founder and CEO of TBS, a million dollar company and the founder of the non-profit organization Phoenix Reintegration Project dedicated to offering free job training to those recently returned from incarceration.

Berry remarked, “This memoir is another passion project in my life. I have poured my heart onto the pages of this book. In it, you will journey with me through the lowest of lows and celebrate with me through the highest of highs. It’s my honor and my life’s purpose to share with you so that you too will feel empowered and equipped to rise up and live your life to its fullest potential.”

Berry’s words inspire and compel those of us with obstacles to see the opportunities they bring and to find out just how strong we truly are deep inside. It is a powerful clarion call to us all to rise up, find our passions and our purpose—to find our own why.


Photograher: Lindria Dockett

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    Tasha Y. Berry

    Finding My Why. Forgiveness But No Apology.


Tasha Y. Berry

Tasha Y. Berry is passionate about giving back and helping those around her discover their true potential. Born out of personal struggle and trials, this passion led her to a successful career as founder and CEO of TBS and founder of the non-profit Phoenix Reintegration Project. An entrepreneur and author of Finding My Why, Berry lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and has two grown children.

From her sense of loneliness, she draws the strength to stand alone. From feeling isolated, she sees the value in community. And from recognizing the love she never received, she can better offer that same love to her children.

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